Check In/Out Information

Check In Information
Guests who have confirmed their reservation status, finished writing registration card and room assignment at the check-in center, can check in to their rooms.
Check In Time : After 14:00 (Guests checking in after 22:00 must make prior arrangements with the check-in center.)
Out Information
Please check your room (kitchen arrangement/waste discharge) before check out and go to the check-in center.
Please leave your room key in the room.
Check Out Time : before 11am (Check in and check out time can be changed depending on the circumstances of the peak season and the villa.


Pets not allowed
To maintain clean environment and public health, pets must be kept away from your rooms.
When you are bringing your pets, please visit and leave your pets at our house keeping facility before you check in to your rooms.
Use of portable gas stoves and electronic cooking equipments in rooms prohibited
To prevent any fire accident, we prohibit the use of portable gas stoves and electronic cooking equipments in the room.
When cooking meat or fish, the unpleasant smell and grease spot contaminate the room. For clean room environment, please avoid cooking greasy food inside the room.
Room damage policy
Guests must compensate for all damages and losses of room supplies.
Moving furniture stationed in the rooms are prohibited and must be used as it is.
Please check your valuables at the check-in center.
Please make sure the entrance door is closed and locked before bed or before you leave your room.
The hotel will not be liable for valuables that are not secured in the check-in center.
Prohibition of loud noise
During your stay at our villa, please avoid making loud noise that could cause inconvenience to other guest.
Prohibited access over the balcony
For your safety, please do not go over the balcony.
Lost and found
The lost items will be registered and kept in the housekeeping office. Upon guests’ requests, the item and the owner of the item will be verified and the items will be delivered via parcel delivery service to the guest (COD).
When inquiring for any lost items, please let us know your reservation number and room number for
The items will be treated and disposed according to the Lost Articles Act and shall be handed over to the local police station (Samcheok Police Station) every Monday.