Experiential Facilities

Experiential FacilitiesSwitch Back Railway


Runs ChooChoo Station -> Dogye Station Dogye Station -> ChooChoo Station Max
Departure Arrival Departure Arrival Seated Standing
1 9:00 9:50 10:00 10:50 170 130
2 11:00 11:50 12:00 12:50 170 130
3 13:00 13:50 14:00 14:50 170 130
4 15:00 15:50 16:00 16:50 170 130
5 17:00 17:50 18:00 18:50 170 130
9 19:00 19:50 20:00 20:50 170 130


Reservations Same-day reservations are not available.
After completing your reservation, you cannot change or cancel parts of your reservation but must cancel your reservation and make a new reservation.
Discounts are not applied when making reservations via online. You must present your identification and relevant documents to receive discounts.
Standing seat (123 seats) : Can be purchased at the ticketing site only
Please check the monthly switchback train service schedule (scheduled maintenance, closed days, changes to operating hours, etc) on our website.
- To maintain fair trade and operation of switchback railway service, we may ex officio cancel your reservation in whole or in part in the following case.
- When a person is causing a serious disruption to the normal operation of switchback train ticketing system.
Boarding For the safety of others and the safe operation of a train, passenger must avoid from the following behaviors
- Entering operator’s cabin, engine room, generator room or any other restricted area without reasonable excuse.
- Operating the train doors or any other device or equipments without reasonable excuse.
- Throwing an object outside the vehicle or any similar act that might endanger the safety of train operation.
- Smoking in any designated smoke-free areas.
- Boarding or carrying animals or plants that might harms other without safety measures.
- Boarding a train with infectious or contagious diseases without approval of the company or train employees.
- Causing others inconvenience by selling, distributing and offering items without approval of the company or train employees.
During emergency situations, passengers must follow operators and attendants’ orders.
Passenger may get hurt during sudden stop so please hold on to the handle and avoid shaking or running around the vehicle.
Pets can’t be carried on board.
Departure on time
- Please arrive at the boarding place 10 minutes before departure (it takes 5 minutes to get from the ticketing site to the boarding place)

Cancellation fees : 100% refund if you cancel at least six full days prior to departure, 100% refund if you cancel at least three full days prior to departure, 80% refund for cancellation 2 days prior to departure, 70% for cancellation 2 days prior to departure, 50% refund for cancellation on the day of departure, 30% refund for cancellation 1 hour prior to departure, No refund after train departure (100% refund for cancelling the ticket reserved through online 2 days prior to the departure, on the day of departure ( group reservations not applicable))