Experiential Facilities

Experiential FacilitiesSwitch Back Railway

ChooChoo Park Switchback Railway filled with wonderful memories and romance
Visitors can enjoy various exotic events in way stations and inside the train during its amazing travel along the zigzag, switchback railway that passes through rugged mountains.

A romantic zigzag train adventure
Get on the switchback train and enjoy your 100 minutes of train ride back and forth.

What is Switchback Railway?
When setting up a railway between two points that have the height difference, the railway is constructed for trains to ascend the steep gradients by using multiple zigzag alignments at which trains have to run by alternating forward and backward movements in order to reach one point. In Korea, a switchback railway was used for connecting Heungjeon Station (upper station) and Nahangjeong Station (lower station) of Dogye but with the opening of Soran Tunnel between Dongbaek Mt. and Dogye in June 27, 2012, the railway was finally closed down.