Guide to ChooChoo Park

Guide to ChooChoo ParkGuide to ChooChoo Park

Thank you for visiting ChooChoo Park.
High1 ChooChoo Park is a train experience resort and along with the great nature that surrounds it, it holds the country’s first mountain railway and wonderful train programs for men and women of all ages to enjoy.
A mini train on a zigzag, switchback railway, an incline railway, the country’s first high-speed rail coaster, exotic mini train and various exciting train programs will offer your children hopes and dreams and bring wonderful memories back to you.

Guide to ChooChoo Park
High1 ChooChoo Park Corporation was established by Gangwonland’s investment and to create a train experience resort using regional resources and closed down railways including the zigzag, switchback railway between Tongni and Dogye region. To express High1 ChooChoo Park’s train themed park, the name High1 ChooChoo Park was derived from ‘choo-choo’, the children’s word for train.

Switchback Railway
A mini train experience along the country’s first switchback railway where you can enjoy the surrounding nature and bring back your wonderful nostalgic memories.
Incline Railway
Switzerland’s funicular-like incline railway restored from the country’s first cable railway which was removed in 1963.
Rail Coaster
The country’s fastest rail bike that passes through 12 tunnels on a 3 percent slope.
Mini Train
A mini train program where your family can ride on the country first mini train and world’s various famous trains.